So I have a bit of catching up to deliver. After the May challenge there was a lot of talk about using VTT's and making maps for them. The challenge was to make a map in 75K (low res) so that it could be used in a VTT which transferred it every round across the internet. Not every VTT uses this method and in fact ViewingDale does stuff quite different to every other VTT and mapping tool as far as I can see. Its much closer to Google Earth than anything else except that its pure 2D which is bad, its a lot easier to edit the map which is good, and has an internet link up system to allow it to be used as a VTT which is the point in this thread.

I'm making some screen capture movies here so its a little difficult to show multi machine link up but you will have to take my word for it that changes made to one map can be delivered to all other clients connected. Also the image quality is very poor and a bit jerky due to MPEG4 compression - which is not the case at all live.

But this is a mapping site and so ill concentrate on the mapping side of things. So question 1 was asked can my VTT do mapping and can I provide a demo. Well yeah sure. In fact I have thought about this and every single 2D map image that you have ever seen from me has come from ViewingDale. All the 3D maps were DragonFlight exports and then there has been a general more 3D logo which was done in a 3D package which I did not develop.

Since my May Challenge entry was Fentor Cross Church which sits in my tile of the CWBP then I think the first movie should show it zooming around the world. Since it only maps in rectangles, it does not handle globes and curved space maps which is what the original world map was done for but I think that by the time you get to smaller scales the curved space does not matter so much. The scaling that I have applied for the world corresponds to that of my approx tile dimensions as defined by Torq, namely 600 miles square.

I have done 5 movies but to save my web site from multiple attacks of download ill post them one at a time. So here is movie #1 which shows a fly around CWBP, All the tiles, Thrubmorton, Hardy Island & Mere Fort, Fentor Cross and ending up on the May Challenge map region ready for movie 2.

All movies are in XviD codec format. Windows media player in XP should play them but you could do better with VLC from here :