The title may sound a little weird, but I couldn't think of a better one that kept a decent size, but it does is a map of a journey. Anyway, it has been so long since my last visit to the forum, apparently college takes more time than I expected , but now I'm on vacation and there is no better way to starting posting again than on a Challenge

The background of mine is a region being attacked by some sort of humanoid army, the Capital city is far way from the frontier (where the army is attacking). Noticing his city couldn't hold much longer, William Silverwood, a common lumberjack, goes into a quest to call for the help of the capital army and try to save not only his life, but also his friends and people he doesn't even know.

The journey is done by foot as there were no horses left in the city. Going trough mountains, forests, plains, enemies and the lack of food he finally get to the Capital, almost dead, to ask for help. For his bravery and willpower William became some sort of legend, and his journey now is mapped by the king's Cartographer, as Will described.

I still have no map, but i have drawn some stuff that i may use on the map, they also help me think
From left to right, the guy is William when going out on the quest, the second image is supposed to be a mountain pass he went trough, and the final one is the screaming forest.

Hope you like it, any criticism is welcome

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