Hi, I would like to introduce my very first trial in cartography - maybe the only I will ever make... I reached the goal I targetted, namely to have a readable map. But its aesthetic could be improved, don't you think ?

The context : I, with some friends, am roleplaying in writing on a forum, in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. We use, as geographical background, an unexplored continent that we drawed as we wanted.

He is the old map we were using :

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As you can see, it is not really readable, even for French-speaking people. So I recently decided to remake it. After some trials, I managed to make this :

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(normally it has transparency but I had to convert the map in .jpg becuase of its weight, sorry). For our game, this is enough : readable, quite large, not too creepy... but I would like to have some advices to improve it, especially the different colors used (mountain brushes do not have the same colour than hill brushes, for example).

To realize that map, I used brushes made by Gidde (trees) and Vhailor (hills and mountains). I made the canyon with a fault generated by an earthquake in Caesar III.

What advices would you give me ?

I thank you in advance !

PS : please excuse my poor English