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    Default Height Map Maker

    Hello, My Names Tom.

    Im the head manager of an upcoming game called Odyssey. Its a voxel Mmorpg game wich lets the player do near anything and offers many of the same systems from some of the most popular mmo's.

    I would gladly pay for a indepth detailed height map of the current picture i have already drawn.
    (I have never attempted at mapmaking before so excuse me if it looks choppy).. If you have anything to add, like mountains and such feel free to change it in the height map. I havent taken any type of geology classes so im not even sure the mountains ive made are correct. Anyway to render the world i need a height map of this in very fine detail, i can discuss payment afterwards.
    Thank you very much!

    Edit: If this is not possible please let me know, also if you are taking up the job also let me know .
    Thank you!
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