So after reading several tutorials on the forum I'm taking another shot at an old project.

The idea of a hexagonal fort (a fort built around the architectural theme of a hexagon) was one of my earlier designs for a character that I had Rped with a while back.

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I'm fairly happy with the crenelations around the exterior of the walls and I think I did a good job on the shingles of the corner towers and the buildings.

But here's where I'd like some pointers:

1. I'm struggling with an idea for the texture of the main Keep's roofs. Ideally they would be some kind of stone (paved) but every texture or tile I use just looks...wrong somehow.

2. Walkways. There should be a path connecting each of the six corners to a central courtyard of sorts. I've tried to experiment with shading various layers with some blurs to diffuse the color but nothing's looking right.

Do I outline the paths or just leave them a form of brown and then add a darker brown 'center' so that it looks well-traveled? What about adding gravel to the paths as though the wizard were trying to keep the paths from becoming mud-pits?

3. The keep has two layers on the roof. There's the layer towards the front and then a raised back layer that's higher. I thought that I can accomplish this with a drop shadow to show that there is a difference in elevation. Any other ideas?
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Feed Back appreciated.