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    Wip The Swill

    All things have a beginning...
    I have been a member here for a few years, and pop in from time to time to enjoy the beautiful & intriguing maps. Often I will assuage my boredom with mapmaking attempts of my own, but rarely do they reach the level of completion or quality necessary to keep my attention - they are just doodles. Recently, I came across HQCosThea's brown watercolor textures, labeled "free to use," and was inspired to make a new map. I am pleased with how it turned out, and have worked out some history for it. I am posting it here for your critique, in order that I may polish it up before posting it in the Finished Maps thread.

    There are two versions, one with labels and one without.

    Hmm... slight problem - I am having trouble with the file uploader. I am using .png images, and the system seems intuitive, but it does not seem to be uploading the file, nor do I see any error message. For now I'll host them elsewhere, but if you can help me I'd like to get them attached here properly.

    Unlabeled Version Labeled Version
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