Hey there!

Some of you might have heard of the Republic of Hippostania, a fictional country I roleplay with in NationStates, an online browser game.

I have made a map for Hippostania with Inkscape, which can be seen here. The problem is that it just doesn't look that realistic. Especially the geography is way off, the terrain is unrealistic and I know that. I just don't know how I could fix it, and even if I knew, I'm not sure if I could do it myself.

That's why I decided to come here asking for help. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could edit my map so it'd look more realistic. Ideally, it should look like a Google Maps map with less white, or like Norscand (though that amount of detail is not really needed). It doesn't matter what you do, you can just edit the geography a bit to make it more realistic or go berserk and add everything from small streams and villages to roads and mountains. You can edit the paths of rivers and mountains, shapes of bodies of water and urban areas, but the overall shape of the country shouldn't change.

Time is not a problem. I can wait for months if it is required. Copyright-wise, I'm just going to use the map for non-profit purposes; to develop my fictional nation, that is. That's why I'd like to keep the copyright of the map.

Vector version of the map can be downloaded here.

Unfortunately I am a student with a fairly meager budget, so I can't really afford to pay anything. But I still hope that someone will be willing to edit the map to look at least a bit more realistic

I can be contacted by email at arttu(insert two doubleW's here)-at-hotmail.com