Well, I said I would enter this contest and thus I do. Did some 3d modeling of various ruined structures the last few days and here is a first snapshot. Still have to turn it into a proper map now. Hmm, top down orthographic projection probably. Not entirely sure about the details yet though ...

Long ago the castle under the sand was one of many small fortifications guarding a caravan route running along the outskirts of a large desert. And while it withstood raiders and wars it had no chance against the ravages of time. Ever so slowly it was covered by the encroaching wandering dunes of the desert. Despite the best efforts of the garrison the castle's well fell dry, filled with sand and thus the castle had to be abandoned to be slowly covered by sand. Today as the large wandering dunes have passed what little remains of the castle has surfaced again, not much more than a small landmark in the desert.

### LATEST WIP ###
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