I would like to commission an all new map for an all new campaign world that I want to make for my RPG group.

The idea is to have a single island continent that essentially contains all of Europe (for scope purposes) on it. Tough north men, swarthy sailors in the south, etc... A piece of land from the east that shows us that there are still more lands off to be explored, an archipelago in-between with exotic tropical islands and pirates, etc... Maybe a decent sized side island that is home to the empire that has taken over the known world? Certainly there must be a place that is no doubt where some evil stuff is going on, righ? I mean that's the kinda place where only dark forces could live and thrive!

Every tree, mountain, lake, river, hill, desert, ridge, cliff, etc... is up to you. You make it and then I fill it in with population, culture, etc...

Size wise would be large, see below for reference.


The map style I am looking for is open, but let me show you what inspired me to do this. Again this style is NOT necessarily the style I am looking for, just the thematic inspiration;


I look at that map and I get ideas and it feels fantastic to me and magical, etc...

It is a very inspiring map/world to me.

Quality & Size

[Professional / semi professional] I would like it to be good enough for poster printing later.
[Required for print / web] Not sure what this means, but yeah want to be able to eventually print it as big as I can (36x36 or some such)
[Dimensions of map: x inches by y inches (or pixels)] 36"x36" would be printing goal.
[Raster / Vector] Don't know what this means.

Time Constraints

I am open to however long it takes to get it done.


I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain, barring reprinting in a collected art book, that it totally allowed, just can't sell the image to another person to use in their creative ventures.


Let's work that out in private.

What I Need From You

Pitch me. Pitch me a style you want to work in, show me examples and why I should go for this style. Show me your previous work and above all else convince me you can make a map that sweeps me away like Aarklash does.

Thanks for your consideration and you can contact me in the thread (though I won't discuss prices here) or via PM here at the site, or via email (PM for my email)

I look forward seeing what folks pitch and thank you for your consideration on this.