Map Meenor-Tempel zu Erbsburg

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Another map for the City of Erbsburg.
This time the temple of the god of the sea, Meenor.

format is 270 x 197 mm

The map shows
a border with stylized waves
a headline,
an elaborate depiction of an incarnation of Meenor, the god of the sea,
a floor plan in 1:250
and a side elevation in 1:300 (approx.)

The map was 100% hand drawn with ink on package paper (about 7 hours).
There was NO retouching except a click on auto color correction after the scan.

I did this project to get more experience in doing precise analogue drawings and calligraphic scripts.
I've chosen a small format to have a short clear project in order to test if I can do it.
Next time I will go for a larger format and better paper.

The work was quite demanding because every dot had to be made with full consciousness and caution.
Working with applications, I'm not used to work without the possibility of taking back some steps.

I included a photo of the sheet, because the drawing on paper is the real thing.
But on the scan the graphics looks better.
The package paper has a quite nice embossing, but unfortunately it didn't show up on the scan.

Find the mistake
I made a mistake, but there is no taking back when drawing with water resistant ink.
Who finds it?