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Thread: [Region 1][Map 12] [Location 01] - Finger Islands

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    Post [Region 1][Map 12] [Location 01] - Finger Islands

    I'd like to map the finger Islands as a fortified trading post for civilized folk in the region.

    I hope this is ok with people. Rav? ?

    It might get done for the contest but then again it might not .

    I put a note in the wiki. Anyone with anything to say please pipe up. Assuming there are no issues, collaboration and suggestions from nearby areas\settlements are welcome.

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    Post Finger Peninsula - Help Welcome

    This map is drawn from Section 12 of the CGWP 'Beastlands'. Ably and swiftly put together by Ravells. Thanks to everyone for their work and enthusiasm!

    Its a friendly project open to anyone who sees a way to fit in... Come on, you know you want to. I hope this doesn't dissuade people but I need to get a feeling for a region before I can plunk down a city or start a map. The following is me thinking aloud for the purposes of the project. I will leave it to Ravells to approve the final version for the Wiki etc.... If there is something you don't like or doesn't sound authentic feel free to point it out!

    Its nominally a June entry but the focus is the map not the contest.

    Above you can see the map selection with regions numbered from left to right. People can contirbute to any region or work together if that's productive. We want to fit in with the base information from the Map project but mostly we want to use the information as a springboard not a wall.


    This is an island peninsula on a large lake surrounded by swamp and forrest with nasty creatures and perilous danger. The water is fresh. The land is hilly.
    I would like to keep this game system agnostic but if you are thinking in D20 terms thats probably ok.

    1. The Beastlands - Everything in the area has to survive\thrive in the face of the beastlands.
    - Chief challenges - Centaurs, Kalabar Swamp, Raiders on the lake?

    2. This is probably the ideal village\city location - trees and a bay. If the region is safe this is where settlement will want to be.

    3. A private lake! This may not be very deep and may flood seasonally. It might be the basis for a particular type of crop (Cranberries?) or a protected water zone if its deeper. This might really be an extended mudflat depending on the season.

    4. Bay Choke Point- This is probably the most desirable fort location if the bay is important. The headland between 4 and 5 might also be a good more defendable city location.

    5. Defensible Keep. The water surrounds this place accept for a small spur that attaches to the land. My guess is that for the lake to be navigable these islands are actually pretty rocky.

    6. Finger Island (And the little islands around it) - if trade between shores is important and the land is really dangerous this might be a great site for a monastery and\or village. I estimate its roughly about 35x6 miles or 210 sq miles. Its not as small as you think.

    7. The Far Shore - This leaves section the Beastlands and borders Groam. Trade? Population sources? If the Beastlands have mostly beasts maybe the islands are a refuge or a first step in settlment.
    - Groam, Castaran, the Plague - silver prospectors?

    Anyway thats the logic for this selection. Now to determine how it interacts with the region(s).

    Opinions, contributions and Sophistry are welcome.

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    Peoples and Influences.

    Groam to the East - Casteran Across the lake.

    Casteran - anyone know more about it?

    Some reflection of the people of Groam will exist in the peninsula. Homesteaders fleeing Groams corruption would be absorbed. Trade with the east would be llikely.

    NO PLAGUE - I think it is an important distinction that the island has been free from plague perhaps because of its isolation perhaps because of its moral lifestyle.

    Kalabar Swamp - The WIKI mentions Druids - perhaps this is where the druids hang out? Perhaps not.
    Kalabar Swamp - Old Elf Enclave
    - not particularly friendly to humans - more often side with Centaurs
    - More Like Old English Elves with ties to Faery.
    - Allies with Druids
    - Allies with White Hoof Centaurs
    - Grudging allies of Finger Island.

    Centaurs - The Centaurs stand to be important allies. Centaurs are not known for being very coastal preferring inland areas. Most of their territory seems to be on the other side fo the Kalabar Swamp. Perhaps they are surly and unfriendly because they have no allies against the denizens of the swamp?

    White Hoof Centaurs - Beyond the Swamp
    White Hoof herd in the northern regions of the Beastlands. Unfriendly and surly folk, they are known for their warlike nature and desire for solitude.

    Contrast Groam
    - Older than the Silver Boom
    Kingdom Structure - I think this settlement should contrast Groam's Chaos and be strong enough to not be rolled over by Groam's Corruption.

    - Not dwarves site too watery
    - Self sufficient would be good in the region
    - Like islands (IMHO)

    Its taking shape
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    Since there are 3 of us doing stuff in a fairly close region we're going to have to work together to get things meshing well.

    I'm thinking I might also do the Orchards and Limbeck Mines as well after Irontown if no one else gets to them first.

    Other things I'm thinking of adding to the current Region map (If no one has a problem with it) is:
    1. Dreadwood's Valor. A fort on the river in the Dreadwood, basically right above the second D. This is a save haven for the foolishly brave, groups of warriors that gather to hunt in the Dreadwood to test their skill and prove how truly powerful they are. Will also serve as a way point on the Jeedon River Way, one of the paths from Irontown/Limbeck Mines to travel north.

    2. Jeedon's Halls. A fort/Village at the large fork in the river, home to traders who only put up with the issues of living there for the valuable bits of critters that some lucky few send out of Valor. These two points will make the main section of the Short River Way.

    3. A smaller Fort/docks on one of the loops in the river near the coast, this will be the wet step for the Long River Way, that runs from here back over the south edge of the Iron Heights, to Limbeck Mines. This way is used by the more careful merchants carrying iron and steel works from Irontown to the north, while the daring/foolish cross the Iron Heights, and attempt to make a mad dash and push all the way to Valor before night falls completely, and shave several days of walking off their trips.

    I'm also thinking of putting pirates on Camber's Isles and The Specks. Those on the Specks will force some merchants to try their hand at the overland route from Jeedon's Halls and pass through the edge of the Red Hills, some also take this longer route to trade with the Centaurs.

    Any objections or changes to this? Anything someone would like me to include in Irontown to help reinforce something you want in their map/story?

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    I love all these ideas! If you want to build extra settlements and things, it's no problem. Tell me where you want them and I'll amend the main map accordingly.

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    I'll constrain this to the selected area of the map. 2-5 are what I see in the region. 1 & 7 really represent whats already there.

    I'm trying to bring out a plausible situation for the development, not just plunk down a building.

    Talroth - I'm fine with pirates in the Specks but can we leave them till we have an idea of the trade and population levels they'd prey upon?

    If you think there is Iron traffic across the lake, how about into Casteran and then Groam?

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    Casteran, was added as a bit on an afterthought when I asked to Ravs to allow for one of Groam's roads to actually lead somewhere, but I dont think either of us, or Redrobes for that matter have much of an idea what it is. I think it would be more Groam and less beastlands in fluence due to its position, but thats just a guess.

    Groam is desparate for trade as it has few trade partners and its main trading partner Orvaelos in the South is getting a a little stroppy, Maybe Casteran is where the iron comes into Groam.

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    Post Tightening up distances etc....

    So after looking at the work so far I went back to the Fractal Terrains file to tighten up scales and distances. FT gives me a much smaller scale and accordingly the main island is not 35 miles across but 18!

    Here is a prettied up first draft with the work from FT.

    I will marry the two versions together so that they fit stylistically before I'm done.

    I think I will keep the FT scale though because it suits my purposes to be smaller.

    - Sigurd.
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    What is the region north of Lake Festus? They don't seem to have any trade easy trade routes planned into here.

    From Irontown, I see trade running:

    North: to Jeedon River, with ships going to Farpoint and Casteran in the Beastlands, and Arkender, Feral in Groam.

    South: to Riverwash in the Beastlands, and Udynaeses in the very south of Groam. From there, trade of the fine Irontown steel goes where ever.

    Maybe I'll sketch out some basics of the regions that aren't filled in, just lay out positions for cities, if no one is currently working on those regions.

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