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    Wip Refuge Reborn

    So, I just started a thread using satellite style, and didn't really care for it. So I'm switching gears to something more traditional. I'm still playing with the style (It's the CC3 mercator style (with some additions)). I've enjoy the effect v no effect view, so I've decided to include them.Comments would be appreciated.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The World - Ur no effect.JPG 
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Name:	The World - Ur effect.JPG 
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    I'm trying to follow some of the style of a Mercator map, but when looking at it, the text can't be read unless you zoom. Is it better to just leave it off, or keep it on for effect?? In the Mercator maps I've looked at, it is equally hard to read, but for purposes of gaming, I'm not so sure.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The World -  effect.JPG 
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    hmmmm, sigh, doh,

    Watching Game of Thrones, and fixated on the intro and the map they had. Gonna try to do something similar. Refuge will be reborn again. I'll keep it in this thread though. I don't wanna clutter the forum up with the reborn threads. I'm determined to stay with this one. If anyone has seen Game of Thrones, and noticed the intro map, I would like any suggestions you may have on what they did. thx

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    For use in (physical) gaming, you'll want to err on the side of legibility. The script font IS period-appropriate, and it does speak of elegance of craftsmanship, that it's a serious map, not a quick scribble by a questionable cartographer ( speaking in-game, in-character). It would even be reasonable to print out, IF your original file is high enough resolution to print at 150-600 dpi, assuming the map sheet to be between 1.5 to 3 ft square. Like you see here, at small sizes this font goes illegible from pixelation faster than some simpler fonts would.

    Is the file you posted at full resolution?

    Used as a digital map, don't worry too much about needing zooming, just ensure features one would refer to at full size are legible at full size - say continent and ocean names. If one is filling a screen with a continent, maybe that's all you need to read minor cities, rivers, commentary at.

    Keeping in mind how your in-character mapper could work; one cannot use an infinitely- tiny quill pen nib with real ink and paper...

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    Great, thx for the advice. I can go up on the resolution, but hoping to use it primarily digitally. I'm trying to find one of those online gaming groups and hope to use some of my maps.

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    I'm not making much progress on my satellite view. Comments are welcome. I'm not sure if my forests look ok or not. I broke them up in order to highlight the rivers.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The World - satellite.BMP 
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