Ok, so I'm working on the design of a small keep for a character. Here's the problem - how many rooms does the keep need? How many buildings?

I could easily just slap some buildings within the walls of a keep's enclosure and say 'they all fit in there somewhere' but has anyone ever put the time and mental power behind trying to figure out how many of 'x' would you need for a small keep?

The scenario:

A Wizard is retiring from adventuring and has some gold to burn to make himself a small place away from the chaos of the big city. Deciding to settle near a small town he contracts with local builders to construct a small keep for himself and a small staff to make his remaining years comfortable. Essentially he's retiring and aside from the occasional student or guest he's not planning on going anywhere for the rest of his life.


He knows that he'll need an enclosed keep because the forests near the small town aren't clear of hazards. Goblin raids are still common and should anything come for him he'd like a physical barrier that will keep goblins or torch-wielding peasants at bay for a while.

So however many buildings he ends up with he'll need to wrap them all together with a perimeter wall.

Since he's a wizard - he'll need some sort of tower as the central keep. The tower can just be a really tall, narrow building for him to use as a look-out or observatory but it's iconic and he's a sucker for traditional architectural themes.

Other than Tower and a perimeter wall the question is now - how many other buildings within the keep will he need?

I decided that I would start a list to see if I could figure out how many rooms (and therefore how many buildings) I would need.

Feel free to jump in and suggest rooms or where the rooms might go.

1. Stables
2. Pantry
3. Kitchen
4. Dining Hall
5. Study
6. Library
7. Laboratory
8. Master Bedroom
9. Guest Bedroom (x2)
10. Servant's rooms (x?)
11. Laundry / Servant's Baths
12. Guard Barracks
13. Servant's Hall (for dining)
14. Well

Can anyone think of any other room you'd need for the Keep?

As far as servants (for the number of bedrooms):

Steward (day to day running of the place and in charge of footmen) Bedroom
Head Maid (In charge of cook and maids) Bedroom
Cook (Shares bedroom with another)
Morning Maid X3 (cleaning) (Two to a bedroom)
Footmen x3 (serving) (two to a bedroom)
Groom (stables) (own bedroom in stables)
Twig brats (kids for all of the running and fetching) (sleeps...somewhere)

So that would be 6 bedrooms for staff.

Am I missing anything before I start pairing rooms to buildings?

Building 1: The Keep (tower)
- Library
- Master Bedroom
- Study
- Guest Bedroom X2
- Steward's Bedroom
- Head Maid's Bedroom
- Laboratory

Building 2: Hall
- Kitchen
- Pantry
- Dining Hall
- Cook's quarters (plus maid?)

Building 3: Barracks
- Guard's Room (one big one?)
- Footmen's Quarters
- Laundry / Servant's Bath

Building 4: Stables
- Stables
- Groom's Quarters

Am I missing anything?

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So the rough idea of the 'small keep' looks something like what I have above (though I might cut the long building on the left into two smaller buildings.

Any thoughts?