Ok... so here's another one of my geometrically-themed projects. This time: 5-sides.

In the fantasy world that I have been working on or writing in for the past few years there are five gods that the 'good folk' (elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes and Halflings) worship. Therefore in most human cities they have a large five-sided temple so that each of 'The Five' are worshiped equally.

Trying to figure out what a five-sided pyramid would look like wracked my brain for a bit until I discovered Google's sketchup program.

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Normally I would create the floor plan for a building or structure in gimp first and then expand it with sketchup so that my players can see what the structure looks in the third dimension. This time, however, I knocked the idea together with sketchup first and need to apply a floor plan.

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In a general sense I could say that the building is roughly five stories tall (to go with a whole 5-theme) and that each story is subsequently smaller than the one below it because of the pyramidial nature of the structure.

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Now here's my question:

Do I add in a circular (or pentagonal...maybe?) stair in the center of the pyramid that provides access to all of the levels?

I was evening thinking of adding in a central sun well down from the top of the pyramid so that the interior chambers could have natural lighting. The sunwell opening would be narrow at the top (to fit) but could be a large 'doughnut hole' sort of a design with a stair wrapping around it.

This way there would be a standard opening in the center of each of the five floors with chambers radiating outward on each level.

Anyone ever done a doughnut hole design before and could give me some pointers?