Well, my band of Four Happy Carpet Orcs (aged 3 to 13) and I have decided to do a map, we browsed about and they chose Snapgallows, purely, I think, because of the recent influence of the Corpse Bride.
We are using this adventure to teach them the basics of several programs, Inkscape, Sketchup, Photoshop, PD Particles/Dogwaffle, and the original Terragen, so far, though the output of all of them may not make it into the final image.
Creative story telling will also be a big part of their journey, as every map needs a history, especially for children. I entertain the ones who are not actively working on the 2 laptops with bits of jibberish concerning just about everything I can think of, they ask amazingly astute questions, and we refine the tale.
Hopefully this will be the beginning of at least one Cartographers' or Tellers' long term journey, and as it is really for their enjoyment it may not be entirely appropriate for big folk, but you can take that up with the FHCO Inc. muscle.

Some of the basics so far, contingent upon the whims and wiles of FHCO Inc.

Snapgallows is now a village of middling size, rather grim and unkempt.
It sets on the remnants of a older, much more refined Town, once known as Haughley.
Of early Haughley little is known. That Limestone was skillfully quarried is evident from the partially standing town walls and towers that encircle Snapgallows, several fine structures walled and floored entirely with limestone blocks and slabs, and, of course, the large scale Quarry and myriad of Quarrier Digs,narrow twisting tunnels which followed the veins of blue tinted Limestone deep beneath the hill which stands to the north f Snapgallow. These tunnels were the earliest manner in which the fine Snapgallow limestone was quarried and a quite numerous. seldom visited in these days, as shal be seen.

Snapgallows, and Haughley in its time, is governed by members of the Seven Families, folk of above average wealth and status who through politic and persuasion (some times heavy handed) wheedled their way to the seat of power and control.

Most houses in Snapgallows are cobwalled with shingled roofing made from castoffs from the quarry, here and there bits of the older, finer buildings have been absorbed into even the roughest hovel. The Seven Families have made their homes from the last of the fully standing Haughley structures, a few of which were actually houses, some of which were quarry stone cutter's halls, (making for vast drafty rooms, bitterly cold in winter, but status outweighs comfort) and one of which was the original Haughley gaol (owned now by the Oboro Family, which sets firmly, and somewhat resentfully, at the bottom of the Snapgallows Seven Families Hierarchy).

Employment/livelihood. The Seven Families money is thought to come from trade, transport and security, as they are not known to raise a hand in labor, but many rumor that filching from caravans they have been paid to protect adds much to their purses.
Most other Snappies, as they are oft called, subsist by working the land, with taters and sow corn being the main crops. Taters for eating and sow corn for feeding, as the raising of a furry little piggish creature known as a casked belly hammer is another Snapgallow livelihood. Casked Belly Hammer's are rather intelligent and grow extremely quick on a limited diet, making for the perfect livestock. "Feeds itself and tastes grand", is the local opinion of these little porkers.
A semi feral breed of goat, known as Quarriers, as they roam the sparse fields near the diggings, is herded for its milk, making a tasty sharp cheese and the squeakiest curds ever heard.

Most other skills follow from these livelihoods, cheesemaker, glover, skinner, tanner, brewer (tatershine!), and so on. As well as the more common trades as merchant, smith, barber, pother, seamstress, booter and the like.

The origination of the name of Snapgallows, as opposed to its earlier moniker Haughley, is a tale in itself, concerning the last day and words of one Alfert Kier, Tanner by Trade, and his death above Gwillam's Seat atop Snapgallow Hill,,and shall be extolled upon the CWBP Wiki in due time.
"Fear the Head of Alfert Kier"