Not been on here in ages but thought I'd post this I've been working on - the city of Rasia (RAR-zee-uh), an important cultural and industrial city in my fictional world. It's a not-quite steampunk early industrial-era city which has water-powered funiculars and gas lighting. In particular there's a main funicular that runs from The Academy in a valley above the city to a station in the centre of town. I did this in Photoshop but am considering migrating to Illustrator for better line effects, tho Photoshop has better graphical effects. Ho hum.

Geographically it's on the south shore of a very large lake, with a busy pier, port and markets. It's built on a series of hills which rise quickly to the south. I toyed with various effects to suggest hills and higher ground - I didn't fancy contour lines and really didn't want to use the tired old Tolkienesque mountain stamps, so interested to see what you make of this kinda shaded effect. Stylistically I'm following the flesh-toned theme of my other city maps (eg Vahltor), but with a slightly more modern feel.

Note there's some labels for streets and districts but it's far from finished - the east side of Pier Street is wealthier residential, the west side commercial and industrial. I'm not quite sure what more flourishes or tweaks I can make to fancy it up, any suggestions/encouragement welcome!

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