Hi everyone !

I roam this site for quite a time now, trying tutos, looking at the maps and the excellent work displayed there, but I've yet to introduce myself, so let's do that.

I've worked on photoshop for years, but i'm quite a noob when it goes to cartography. I've tried to hand-draw some before, but i'm definitely not skilled enough with a pen to do anything that's worth watching, but with the tutos displayed here, and a bit of practice, that's a different thing !

I write a lot of fantasy, and being able to draw the map of the fantasy world i imagine is a very valuable thing to me, it help me a lot with the writing. I usually prefer to imagine the whole universe where the story take place before starting anything with the characters, so the map is like ... the first step of the work, and i've always been frustrated to only be able to imagine it in my mind.

To make it look like a real presentation, here is some info about myself. I'm 22, french, work as designer, and no, steelwarrior is not my real name

I look forward to have fun drawing maps with you all