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    Ok so I get my territory and see that it's right next to a patch of some of the biggest mountains on the entire planet so of course I immediately think dwarves. I read all of or most of what was up on wiki and I don't think there are any other dwarf societies out there, cept for a minor mention in the Beastlands.

    So dwarves it is. I started creating my map and wanted it to be along the same lines as Thrubmorton Fens, but I lack not only the software but the skill; I hate you redrobes, by the way . Anywho I started thinking how a dwarf would make a map and lacking any more imaginative thoughts I decide to try to create a map chisled from rock.

    So here it is, I hope it lives up to the standards that have been set down so far. I am creating a history for the website so the map needs some labeling.

    Let me know what ya think and/or how I can improve it, or if ya think I should scrap it all together...

    There is some overlap, so if my neighbors have and issue let me know.
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