I only recently started on the road to cartography and so far it has been amazing. At the moment I'm only Hand Drawing Maps from the Lord of the Rings onto some parchment I have in my room. It's nothing much but it's a start. I want to start Writing a book but my puny brain can't write and imagine the fantasy world that I yearn for at the same time.

My Hopes
What I was hoping is that someone, anyone here can tell me EXACTLY what part of this amazing website to go to so that I can start my training as a cartographer. I want to be able to have a map of the fantasy world that I dream of so that I have something to look at while I write. I don't mind wether I do the map with a pen and parchment or with photoshop but I hope that someone here can help me get started!

I bid you farewell
- Forty-Two