Hi, I'm K'ra and I'm writing a novel (I'm not going to publish it) and I'd love to have a map of the world I have in my mind.

This is a physical description of the map:

Center: vulcanic area (7 volcanoes) surrounded by mountains
West: mediterrean climate area (also some rivers and a lake near the central area) and big island not too far from the continent with dense forests and small mountains in the middle
South: s-west desert, s. mesopotamia-like climate (4 rivers), s-east great swamp
East: great forests, a couple of rivers
North: thin lake dividing the northern mountains from the vulcanic area, mountains and fjords with small valleys and lakes

Kind of like this, just without the names
Map of Tamriel by ~Aazdremzol on deviantART

Quality and size
Hopefully professional, but semi-professional will be just fine.
It should be large, for viewing purposes.

Time Constraints
None, I have no hurry

Credit will go to the artist on the picture's profile, as well as a link to this site and/or any other site to the artists creations if he/she wants.

Thank you in advance,