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Thread: If you have a spare £12,000 knocking around

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    Default If you have a spare £12,000 knocking around

    Why not buy one of these beautiful globes at the upcoming Bonhams auction?

    Go to page 176 in the Catalogue below:

    Bonhams 1793 : Gentleman's Library Sale

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    put me down for 6

    they are very lovely and when I win the lottery they will look great in my castle, until then, sigh

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    lovely! i always wondered why even new globes are so damned expensive. are they really that difficult to make?
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    How It's Made: Globe : Video : Science Channel shows how one manufacturer does it for one line of globes (I think it's been shown here before). Making a single globe is relatively painstaking work. As the globes get larger, the support structure gets harder and the globes have to e made of comparatively tougher stuff.

    See also and for more information on making globes.

    If you'd like a multi-function globe for decorating your home, shows one sort of thing that you can get. I find it amusing that it's approximately cheaper to get the bar than to get a real globe. My family used to have something like one of these back in the late 60's and it was interesting to look at and moderately sturdy.
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    That makes me want to make an old-fashioned globe depicting some other world: Barsoom or Dunsany's Lands Beyond the Fields We Know...

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    I have always wanted the globe of Arrakis described in Dune...the one spinning under the impetus of Baron Harkonnen's chubby hand.

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