Just another doodle here to play with stuff. No background material with this one. I ended up not liking the outer islands off the large island on the lower left. Screwed up the compass rose by not paying attention to what I was doing!! No real scale thought out. Donít like the borders, if I continue this one Iíll probably have a changing border pattern to work out something I may like to reuse. The marsh / swamp area was intended to be a connection link between ocean bodies north and south, with marsh lake areas suitable for pirate hides, lizardmen villages, and other out of the way remote areas etc. The interior ďbayĒ is supposed to be shallow water area, think a little deeper than the florida keys. As you can see I havenít completed this one at all, donít know if I will. Thought I would post Ďer up even tho this one has been a hard motivational issue for me.

Comments and suggestions on this are always welcome. As a matter of fact how about addressing how you kick start the motivational issues when you run into them!! Well I kinda know how Iím gonna address this particular motivational issue, the wife says we are tearing out the kitchen!! So I may be sparse here for a bit LOL!!

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