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Thread: Blank page - Fantasy map challenge :)

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    Default Blank page - Fantasy map challenge :)

    Ok, since I have some time but no special ideas ( I means too many ideas to be able to pick one and seriously work on it, I would set kind of personnal challenging but with your cololaboration. I let you guys ask some things you want on this map ( kind of border, map with no mountains - please don't do that , 2 continents, map on book , special icon, special theme or color, red sea or forests inside moutains or such other things that comes to your mind andt might fit on prefereably on a fantasy map) With all the elements I'll keep (I may let some by side cause I know you guys will surely ask some odd and scary things ) I'll will set myself to work trying to achieve that great collaborative and challenging map

    I'm in front of my blank page... Feel free to say what you want and let's the challengge begin!

    *Put it on WIP* : I already made the blank page
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