I would like to bring a little Kickstarter Project to the attention of all the gamemasters around here. Realm works is a nifty little tool to manage all campaign related stuff in one program, it can handle maps and reveal the partialy to the players, it´s even a great tool to create your own fantasy setting in a conveniet way.

All that is explained much better and in more detail on the kickstarter site. I´ve been in the initial closed Beta test group from the start and must say that it will be ( and is at the current state ) a great tool.

I´m in no way related to the creators other than mentioned above. This must sound as an advertisement and perhaps upon release the price will be a downer. I don´t know about that as nothing financial is out there. There will be a cloud service, cost unkown,too. If a post like this is unwanted let me know, I´m not sure it is

Just have a look and decide for yourself.

Realm Works - Streamlined RPG Campaign Tools by Lone Wolf Development — Kickstarter