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I'm working on a tutorial to show how I was able to take a 2-D map (of Torstan's Academy) and wanted to show the before and after pictures.

This is the image of the 'map' that I'll be using. It's a chopped version of Torstan's original 'Academy' Tile.

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Name:	priory-mod-05.png 
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Through the creation of several simple shapes and 'pulling' them up into a 3-Dimensional form I was able to create this:

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Name:	academy-4-build-tutorial-04.png 
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As you can see it does not have the same artistic style as Torstan's original map tile. I'm still working on how to wrap the image around the solid shapes. (I've forgotten how I did it from the version a while back) but this version has had the Google Sketchup textures applied to give everyone a sense of what the model will look like when complete.

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Name:	academy-4-build-tutorial-02.png 
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Obviously with Sketchup you could add in details like windows and doors and such to give it a more complete and 'rendered' version but if you're just wanting to see how the design manifests in 3-D then you can stop where I did.

The whole process took maybe 20 minutes.

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Name:	academy-4-build-tutorial.png 
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Let me know what you think.

I'm not sure how I could post the actual sketchup file here - maybe a link or something?

Tutorial to follow once I convert it to PDF.

Comments Welcome.