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Thread: New Fantastic Map Pack: Iconic Island

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    Default New Fantastic Map Pack: Iconic Island

    There's tell of an island, far to the West, teeming with men the size of yer thumb, and parrots bigger than houses...

    This month, I've released an island map. The map comes in three versions:
    • No icons or grid - just the base map fit to be customised to your needs.
    • Icons but no grid
    • Icons and a hex grid - the grid allows for easier distance measurements. The hex scale was loosely chosen to be around 6 miles a hex, but feel free to set it to whatever works best for you. This version is also provided in a light greyscale.

    The pack also includes 16 icons for use with this, or any other, map project.

    Check out the RPGNow page, or see some larger previews over on the blog: The Iconic Island | Fantastic Maps
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