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Thread: Request for a Fantasy World Map

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    Default Request for a Fantasy World Map

    Hello, my name is Sean (I go by Socks online because I have an unhealthy obsession with them [Socks, that is]). I am working on a general RPG type world and I've been having issues with the cartography section in general as I don't understand the first thing about geology.

    I am requesting a world map to be drawn for my fantasy world. I plan to be using it in a general forum RP sort of way. And if things go well maybe moving into the whole tabletop RPG similar to D&D.

    I've drawn up ideas of how I want them to look but I won't be posting them here for fear of embarrassment I think. Message me or email me if you're interested. I'll show you what I've drawn up.

    What I'm going to need is 5 continents. With a string of islands (both individual islands, and chains) going from the south of one continent to the western part of another continent.

    Continent 1:
    A long, thin country. It is more north-south oriented as opposed to east-west. So think the Americas vs. Eurasia.

    • A snowy, mountainous region to the north
    • A densely wooded region with rivers running through it, ponds and lakes within, etc. Very wet region I'm thinking.
    • Another region with a lot of coastal land.
    • A region good for raising a large population of horses and perhaps growing things as well.
    • A region which is on an oddly shaped peninsula with a large mountain-barrier between it and the main continent. Also a small island off the coast of this peninsula.
    • A desert region with a river, or a few, running through it to offer the life it needs to grow things. Similar to how the Nile is for Egypt.
    • A dead wasteland on the western side of this country-continent.

    Continent 2:
    A roundish continent. Think Australia when imagining the shape perhaps? And scale as well. It exists to the west of of Continent 1.

    • Highlands (hill-y) region
    • Flatland (plains, etc.) region
    • A swamp region
    • A mountainous region
    • A desert
    • River lands
    • An island off the south.

    Continent 3:
    A wide continent. Think Eurasia.

    • A double-peninsula country. Western end of this continent.
    • A good region for a nomadic culture. Just a large swath of land I was thinking. To the east of the double-peninsula
    • Another peninsular country. To the south of the nomadic country.
    • Another country to the east.
    • A large island between the two peninsulas with mountains on it.

    Continent 4:
    A continent to the south of Continent 4. It is wide as well and it is mostly a desert continent. With rivers and some lakes running through it. Oases as well for life to exist.

    Continent 5:
    A deserted country. Nothing on it. But the idea I want is that it would look really great for population so lots of lush forest, rivers, lakes, etc. But it just has no civilization.

    Island String:
    My idea was that the string of islands would be trailing from the south of continent 1 to the western edge of continent 4.

    I like these a bit. The general idea is that I would like the geologically important things incorporated such as forests, mountains, etc. And I want the cities in as well.

    Quality and Size
    Professionally drawn maps would be ideal but because I have no money to offer I am thinking that semi-professional would be more realistic.

    As for the size. I was thinking that I would want to put it on my forum board for people to see. But it would be ideal if the image itself was wallpaper sized (1920 x 1080p) and that there would be a link to click so that the player could view the map in its entirety.

    Time Constraints

    I have no time constraints whatsoever. Take your time.


    As I am a high school student without a job, I cannot pay you CURRENTLY. But I am really hoping to get a job (I'm not sure how realistic or likely this is in this economy). So, when/if I get a job, I will be coming into money. And when I come into money, I plan on reimbursing you for the work that you have done. That means that you would be doing this on faith that I would pay you in the future, which, I know, may be a bit risky for some. But know that if I were to start making money off this, I would also give you royalty fees. So that is also a part of the payment plan. Just email me to work out any of this information.


    I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

    What I'm Going to Ask of You

    Generally I just need you to include rivers where you think they would exist, mountains as well. Also, because of the borders that some of my nation-states have, I'm going to need some geological reasoning for those as well. I can come up with political reasoning on my own but if you have any ideas, I'm all ears.

    Contact Information

    My Skype: SnookyofNasonex
    My Email:

    Thank you to those of you who have shown interest.
    - Sean (Socks)
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    Default Updated

    I have added all the information now so any of you who may have been, or may be, interested; you can look now.

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    I have just recently come across a little money. So I can pay at a maximum about $50. If anyone feels that this is a reasonable price then please let me know. Or tell me what they would consider a more reasonable price for this request.

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    Hey socks I saw some potential in your city post. Give this a shot yourself, it will help you in the development part of your game world creation. You can work in pencil, you just need to make it a tad darker to show when posting. Save your money and use it for mapping resources, like a ream of copy paper, micron ink pen, .5mm mechanical pencil etc. We'll help you out here.

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