Hello. I'm new here as most of you probably know. I hate introductions, I feel as though I'm at an AA meeting.

Hmm.... where should I start?

I'm a gamer by nature and I love to make maps. I guess I joined CG so that I can make some D&D dungeon maps and maybe make some overland maps too. I'm not real familiar with all the "map terminology" so please forgive me if I sound ridiculous. I have many interests and I don't know if I have the time (or money) to make maps but I'd like to try.

I have always doodled in the corners of my homework paper, in my textbooks and on various pieces of paper I could find but I've never really had any professional schooling as far as drawing goes. As far as making maps I usually draw them by hand or try to draw them on MS Paint. I don't have Gimp or Inkscape (never really heard of those before) and I certainly don't have PS. Some of the "overland" maps on here that I like are by artists "Schwarzkreuz", "Vorropohaia". My mind is going blank...

I like dungeon maps for games such as D&D, and I do like the "graph line maps" or dungeon maps that I've seen on Dudjinni and CC3. I think those would be awesome to make but I've never had any experience with auto cad. Do I need to? I'm not a very technical kind of guy. I hate math. I took a technical drawing class in 9th grade and I hated it.

I guess that's about it for now.