Hello everyone. Me and my friends are working on some fantasy world for Crusader Kings II. Hope you'll help.


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ID:	51805 Here's a sketch drawing i have been working on.


PNG files would be great.

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ID:	51806 And here's the style i would like to see that sketched map. Mountains, Rivers, Deserts, Snowy places etc.


Any size that will be big enough to zoom in to read the titles would suffice.


As it is seen, there are numbers with symbols near them on the map. I would like to clear them out. So maybe you can use different symbols for, castles and cities.

The ones with (*) near them are castles.
The ones with (') near them are cities.
The ones with (#) near them are landmarks.

Symbols for castles and cities and also the names of them would be good. Only names for landmarks would suffice. Here's a list:


1* =Crezaj = Around this castle are islands and a name in the map for them would be great. ''Güneş Adaları''
2* =Revar
3* =Beloton
4* =Vujdavir
5* =Alomour
6* =Karabul
7* =Cinkirai
8* =Kırmızı Limanlar
9* =Elebor'un Deniz Feneri
10* =Scheis
11* =Tij
12* =Vuvanor
13* =Kist
14* =Jist
15* =Aj
16* =Sajerel
17* =Gelâhar
18* =Sivavos
19* =Zikaril


1' =Kargadöj
2' =Küçük Korsan
3' =Büyük Korsan
4' =Alendar
5' =Philador
6' =Cinkiradel
7' =Cinkiradon
8' =Ilk Dönüş
9' =Ölüm Limanları
10' =Donmuş Deril
11' =Nehirveji
12' =Art Heykelleri
13' =Vijdanor
14' =Yüksek Tapınak
15' =Ikinci Dönüş
16' =Krakdol
17' =Ana-Lur
18' =Sivazdorel


#1 =Kızıl Yamaçlar = Mountains, kinda red mountains.
#2 =Kara Kafes Daglari = Mountains
#3 =Art = A temple, but there is no need for any symbol or something.
#4 =Viradokre Gölü = A lake.
#5 =Scheis Nehirleri = Rivers.
#6 =Donmuş Daglar = Mountains, frozen.
#7 =Yanmış Orman = A burned forest.
#8 =Cruvez Bataklıgı = This place will be a marsh, i drew some sticks around #8, those are the borders of the marsh.
#9 =Eski Duvar = Ruins of an ancient wall
#10 =Beyaz Ayı Ormanları = This place will be a forest, so..
#11 =Kırmızı Yürüyüş = And this place will be a wasteland.
#12 =Çukur = Most important is. This place is a pit. So, some sort of a circle pit put in to the island would be great.

There are foreign letters as it is seen. If they will cause any problem you can contact me.

I will pay with a game called 'Dota 2' through Steam. Here are my contacts!


You can contact me from these adresses. I will give the paying information while in contact. Have a nice day and thank you!