So I was thinking about a challenge where people would make maps based on a image/picture of something. I don't mean the idea already used on a challenge, where it was posted a image and you had to use it on your map somehow, no.

I mean, for example, a image of a War (lets say soldiers fighting on the WW II), the map would have to be based on the image, and what it represents, but you wouldn't have to use it on your map (unless you wanted to). Basically (keeping the example I used of the soldiers) you would be able to map the area of the war, or a Battlemap with soldiers and tanks, or even a map with the troops movements. The idea of how is up to you, but it must have a connection with the image somehow.

Thats my idea, I think it would be cool cuz it does give you a "mapping line" to follow, but it is also a wide line, so that it has lots of ways to make the map.