Already posted this in the Regional/World Mapping forum before noticing this one for help. My apologies for the double post.

Haven't been on the forums here in a while, but I'm starting a new project and I had a question about the best way to start it. Couldn't think of a better place to ask it...

What I'm wanting to do is create a large regional map that contains several nations within it (about 8, I think). I also want smaller maps of the individual nations. Really, I want the smaller maps to be part of the larger one. So I guess the question is: Do I make one large map and then zoom in for the national maps? Or do I make smaller maps for the nations and then try to piece them together? And what pixel dimensions would you recommend (for both scales)?

Does this make sense?

Think of it this way... I'm making a map of Europe, but want the individual countries to also be detailed enough for their own maps. So, do I make a big map of Europe and zoom in to detail Switzerland? Or do I make a map of Switzerland and try to make it fit nicely with the maps of Germany and France and Italy that I've already finished? Maybe that's a little more clear.

Working with Photoshop CS5.5, if that makes a difference.