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Thread: Thoughts on Whirlpools

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    Question Thoughts on Whirlpools

    So...I've seen a lot of maps that have Whirlpools thrown in...two recently here on the site...

    And of course, most mapping programs have a whirlpool symbol built in...and Most graphics apps can do a whirlpool there's an attraction to them.

    So I'm many of you mappers have not only implemented Whirlpools in your maps, but actually featured them in some way during play?

    I kind of imagine (because I'm guilty of it too) that its one of those things thats cool to put in during the mapping phase, but never becomes a practical function of a game setting or encounter progression. Are we using whirlpools as "hey neat there's a whirlpool on the map" or is there an actual game function in plan?

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    The only whirlpool I have ever seen, at least that I remember, being used was in the last 'Pirates' movie which isn't an RPG which should tell you my answer.
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    I tend to think of whirlpools as temporary so they don't get into my maps.

    Even an area prone to whirlpools might just receive a hazard symbol or something.


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    Scylla and Charybdis were two monsters in Greek mythology guarding the strait of Messina between Italy and Sicily. Charybdis was a monster with a big mouth that would create a large whirlpool that would drag ships to their doom. There are nasty currents in the area and a recurring whirlpool of varying size that can be dangerous. For the most part, though, whirlpools are transient if dangerous phenomena and I don't normally feel the urge to include them on a map unless it's to scare the players.

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    Ditto what everyone else said. About the ONLY time I would think of putting a whirlpool on a map was if it was meant to be a stylistic map in a hand drawn style. Kind of like middle ages mappers who might put dragons or sea serpents to denote dangerious areas. To my mind, most styles of maps just don't lend themselves to using such a symbol.

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    Whirlpools will form where two tidal surges compete. I've put a few in on maps I've done on occasion. It's usually to add a little excitement in on a tedious sea voyage.
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    they take up space but on a serious note, great environment hazards I guess.
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    I don't use them on maps unless it would be to indicate... treacherous waters, dangerous water related areas... I have on occasion implemented whirlpools in play but the PC's were usually in a fantastic area like a demiplane or other such planes....
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    My PCs are about to go up against an awakened kraken in a big sea battle (for those who are interested they played the Dungeon adventure with the Tharizdun worshipping aboleth that had a pet kraken ... and got their asses kicked. They are now heading back for the rematch, but the kraken has grown as it has been fed the fears of a city). I plan to include an encounter with a couple of ships and a whirlpool. The idea is to have a repeating sea texture to provide a large sea playing area. Then use 2 ship stamps and a whirlpool stamp as well as rocks and suchlike to give the terrain. The ships will be racing to get to or past the whirlpool and be fighting a running battle as they go. I just hope I can construct it all in a way that plays smoothly.

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