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Thread: Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign

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    Default Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign

    I've remade most of the maps of the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path from Paizo. These are some of my favorites: the Arkona Palace ground floor and first floor (or is it called second floor, I never remember it right). Most of the art is stolen from the Dundjinni forums. Hope you like it and I'd be glad to read about anything you see that can be improved.
    I provide the links because of the limit on the files size.
    Arkona Palace Ground Floor
    Arkona Palace First Floor

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    Those look great - I particularly like your windows.

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    very nice job !
    I like this campaign too !!!
    Do you have others maps ? I'm very interested
    Thanks Angelroble.

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    Thanks both!

    Sure I've got other maps.
    Maybe Ive forgotten some. They are all in

    Edge of Anarchy
    Fishery 1
    Fishery 2
    All the World's Meat
    Eel's End 1
    Eel's End 2
    Eel's End 3
    Dead Warrens

    Seven Days to the Grave
    Goitorris Toys
    Lavender and Vendra Apartment
    Carowyn Manor 1
    Carowyn Manor 2
    Wererat Sewer
    Grey District Graveyard
    Hospice of the Blessed Maiden 1
    Hospice of the Blessed Maiden 2
    Temple of Urgathoa
    Temple of Urgathoa (Inner Sanctum)

    Escape from Old Korvosa
    Vencarlo's Home
    Artist's Lair
    Pilts's Palace
    Arkona Dungeon 1 - Upper Caverns
    Arkona Dungeon 2 - Lower Caverns
    Vivified Labyrinth 1st Floor Map Key
    Vivified Labyrinth 1st Floor Original
    Vivified Labyrinth 1st Floor First Rotation
    Vivified Labyrinth 1st Floor Second Rotation
    Vivified Labyrinth 1st Floor Third Rotation
    Vivified Labyrinth 2nd Floor

    A History of Ashes
    Acropolis of the Thrallkeepers 1
    Acropolis of the Thrallkeepers 2
    Moon Ruins 1
    Moon Ruins 2
    Shoanti Camp
    Cinderlands Generic Encounter (Road)
    Cinderlands Generic Encounter (Dry River)
    Cinderlands Generic Encounter (Cliff)
    Cinderlands Generic Encounter (Cinder Cone)
    Cinderlands Generic Encounter (Thassilonian Ruins)
    Cinderlands Generic Encounter (Plains and Great Tree)

    Skeletons of Scarwall
    Barbican Gate 1
    Barbican Gate 2
    Barbican Gate 3
    Scarwall First Floor (Key Map)
    Scarwall First Floor - Main Gate ("A" key)

    Three Rings Tavern (First Floor)
    Abadar Temple - Key Map
    Abadar Temple - Second Floor
    Abadar Temple - Ground Floor
    Abadar Temple - Dungeon

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    I'm loving these maps, but some are missing the grid. This is a lot to ask, I know but, any chance you have any gridded versions lying around?

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