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I'm after some help with a map for a new fantasy campaign I'm setting up for my face-to-face role playing group where I am going to GM Cubicle 7's Mythic Norse game Yggdrasill - Yggdrasill | Cubicle 7

I have produced a basic map of my PC's home village (called Faaborg) and I'm looking for someone to help me out by taking my rather basic effort and turning it into something much more appealing to look at.


The Norse Village of Faaborg, a small village of about 200 people living in a number of longhouses. Though it doesn't say it on the map yet the group of four buildings on the eastern side of the map are actually boat houses that various sizes of longships can be stored in during the winter so that maintenance can be conducted. The largest of the houses (the one with the darkest roof) is also the largest building and is the Jarl's house - it is the only one with a sleeping loft and is therefore a bit taller than the others.

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Some obvious improvements that are needed are turning markers like "fields" and "woods" into something more visual and making the sea and beach in the south east corner more obvious. I'm also open to other suggestions from the artist on how to improve it generally.


I'm open to suggestions here but I'm looking for something that can be used as a player handout. It needs to be a plan view of the village and I'd rather the colouring was low key and more realistic (if that makes sense). I particularly like the following styles for villages (though this is obviously an unpaid project and the time taken to produce these must have been phenomenal):




Quality & Size

My plan is to print this out as an A4 size handout for a face-to-face role-playing group so the quality needs to be good enough to support that (in my limited knowledge that doesn't sound like a particularly high quality image but please correct me if I'm wrong about that).

I'm also looking for as professional a piece of work as possible but do understand that this is an unpaid project.

Time Constraints

I am not going to be starting this campaign for at least a month and quite possibly not for two months. I don't now if that counts as a time constraint or not?


I would like reproduction rights to the map but am happy for the artist to retain copyright. I do not plan to use the map for commercial purposes but would like an initial concept credit should the artist then use the map in a publication (though I do not expect any payment should that occur). Hopefully that all makes sense?

I currently plan to do the following with the map:
- Print out copies for my role-playing group
- Post the map on the Yggdrasill game forum - Cubicle 7 Forums -> Yggdrasill (unless this is a concern for the artist)

Contact Details

Though I have been lurking this site for years I do not yet have permission to use PMs but I will hopefully resolve that during the discussions about this map. Once I can use PMs I am very happy to share an e-mail address with the artist.

Thank you for reading my request and for any responses.

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