Hey people,

I am currently working on some maps for a conworld project of mine, namely a world map and some close up shots of certain areas and I have been wondering how to deal with the different projections or how to choose one for the inital world layout.

I know there is G.projector which takes an equirectangular map to calculate other projections, however it only takes raster data and I am not quite sure how to fake the inital disortion of this projection, beside starting with a mercator projection and then 'squash' the top and bottom area using illustrator once vectorized

Recently I also looked at GRASS/Quantum GIS but there seems to be no easy, bug free way to import/export svg, so I am not quite sure if I should try my luck with it or not.

Sooo... I guess I have been wondering how some of you handle this, or if it is handled at all. I could just hand wave it I guess, but it seems too inaccurate for my taste. Is there some sort of ideal workflow for deriving smaller maps from a world map? In any case I would be glad for any pointers you can give me