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    Ok, sorry if this is a bit of a repost, however I will go into more detail here.

    Rifts earth is set in a time when Atlantis has risen (or rather phased back from a dimensional pocket) and mankind's influence on earth has fallen significantly. To explain more would to long however in mapping terms we are dealing with a rise in water levels (ice caps the same though) and a return to wilderness. My project for mapping rifts earth will have 3 stages. Lets focus on the first stage.

    There are many maps in the books that provide a general idea for the new coastlines, Atlantis placement etc. I wish to use these to piece together an outline map. Once satisfied with the outline map, I want to insert mountains, plains, forests tundra etc etc. The end result would hopefully be a visually appealing map of rifts earth devoid of any political markings (devoid of all text etc etc).

    The idea with the base map is to have a reasonably high res map that will provide the bottom layer a Google map API. You wouldn't really have to zoom in any farther than say, US fitting on one screen (That is still a rather large map. I have a 1280x800 screen btw). Also I would like to repeat, no ,markings as they may change later.

    The goal here would be to create something for rifts fans, who honestly could really use a good map. I know it isn't much but I have about 500$ kicking around (probably to little for a map like this but I only make 9$ an hour) and the idea would be to pitch the map project to Palladium which might lead to better money (of which I really wouldn't deserve and the artist would get) and more work. Pm me or post if you are interested.
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