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    Default Rosantis - Interactive Fantasy Map

    Hello. I've been searching for a place to show off my latest creation in photoshop and to get some feedback and advice. This was the first place that turned up after a google search, so here I am

    The map I made has 8 rectangles on it, each of which are basically buttons. Presss them, and you'll zoom in on that area for a closer look at the towns and surrounding landscape. I'm currently working on zooming in another layer for a closer look at the streets of the cities, but that is quite time consuming. Anyway... Here is the link...


    If you'd take a few minutes to check it out and then post your impressions along with any advice you might have, it'd be much appreciated Thanks!

    Edit: Also, if you were curious, the names are just a designation based on basic colors and then a geographical feature. They aren't ACTUALLY called Orange Island or the Blue Jungles, as entertaining as that might be
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