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    It's been month's (probably over a year) since I last fully participated in a Challenge - I tried a few month's ago, but got too busy to finish that challenge. I definitely got an idea in mind and I'm forcing myself to fit this in, this month.

    Brigatine's Rest, Barker Bay is the tentative name for this. I'm planning to create a kind of map, I've never done before, nor seen an example here, at least not off the top of my head. I am creating an isometric cross-section map.

    This will be some cove or bay with rocky, silty sea floor with a partially buried (in the sand) brigatine pirate ship sunken at the bottom of the bay. Since the ship is buried in the silt, doing a cross-sectional map will depict the buried portion of the ship, also will show the layers of silt build up and cross-sections of rock and the shore. I plan to include some flowing kelp below the turbulent surf, and maybe a school of fish, shark and octopus or squid in the water.

    For extra complex detail, I plan to create a rough water's surface with waves and surf crashing against the cliffside shore behind and to the sides of the map. I plan to make the water's surface only partially transparent, as a clean separation between under water and above water. Then I'll create a ravaged rocky shore with maybe a light house or captain's home on the cliff top.

    So far all I've created is the cross-section aft view of the ship interior, and have added a pile of cannons and ball for the gun deck. I plan yet to create crates, barrels and chest piled up in the ship's hoard on the lower deck. I've created the reference images in 3D using Nendo, my preferred subdivisional surface modeler, which was imported to Raydream Studio (my old 3D rendering program) to simulate the pile of loose cannons, then I printed in b/w, placed tracing paper on top, hand-drew the line work, scanned it into my computer to create the image below...

    I plan to have the ship be 80% buried in sand with only the bow and forecastle peeking out (away from the viewer) to the rear of this cross-section interior view, with some broken masts peeking out of the sand, perhaps loose rope and torn sails.

    I will add the pile of crates of the hoard next, followed by the cross-section end of the silt bottom next. This should take me several days to complete the challenge.


    ### Latest WIP ###

    Click image for larger version. 

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