I'm new to the community (today!) so I thought it would be a good idea to post here. I stumbled upon this site quite by accident while doing research into mapping software and world generators to use for a story that I'm working on, but I've been so blown away by the quality of work I've seen that I had to try to participate.

I haven't jumped in to the tutorials yet, but I certainly intend to, and I hope I'm able to get some work done that I can be proud of. Though I'm fairly certain I will end up soliciting the help of some other member before I'm finished, I fully intend to lurk and learn wherever and whatever I can until I can gather together something worth posting here.

On that note, I've been working out overall continent shapes and geographies for the world I'm building, but I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around the scale of my map. I have my crude drawing superimposed over a world map so I can try to compare to real-world countries and continents, but it's not helping as much as I had hoped. If anyone has any tips or tricks, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for gathering together such a cool community! I'm looking forward to spending some time here.