I realize this is my 3rd map today, so I'll be calling it quits after this one, at least for today. This is another map, made in Photoshop of course, that I made about a week ago. I added the labels about an hour ago. I struggled to find a good font that was small, yet readable, and also fantasy-esque. So... I dunno, this is what I ended up with. Tell me what you think about that one.

I also struggled coming up with good SOUNDING names... so... again, do they sound like names from out of a fantasy book?

As for the map itself... It's made up of about 10 layers. The Water, the water depth texture, the land, the land texture, the mountains, the desert, the greenery, the rivers. Then I added cities. Then labels The top and bottom border are just bars with some fancy layer effects. And the Compass lines (not sure if they have an actual technical term), I drew myself in a seperate document, turned into a brush and then I just plop them down where ever they look good (and let's be honest, they nearly always look good.)

So... here it is.

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