just for the ones who may wonder about my recent absence, I wanted to place a short notice here that I will be off for some time to recover in a hospital. I had been victem to a hit&run car accident, resulting in a broken leg and several injuries. Still happy I am in one piece still. My chain misfurtune lately have the quantity of an urban legend by now. Getting robbed in broad daylight, having some ass stealing and selling my stuff online, beeing ill, now beeing wracked by a damn car. I am a stubborn one and hard to kill of but enough is enough, so I will join a recovery clinic till they stitch me up. If I ever met my guardian angel, he is fired. I am still having time till friday to wrap up some things, some open commissions and stuff, I dont like open endings.

Will be back soon in a couple of weeks. Thank you all for your support!