so, time to start a new map, and here's something i've been wanting to do for a while now, mostly to help in my writing. i decided on a 15th - 16th century-style stereographic world map (in the style of classics by the likes of Blaeu or Mercator), showing two halves of the world - western and eastern hemispheres, respectively. though distances are distorted, areas should be preserved, and the map is intended more as a novelty object than a navigational tool. it shows things like equinoctial, tropic, arctic and ecliptic lines and will, when completed, include a (hopefully) dizzying amount of labels and rivers, in the style of maps of the period; as well as sea paths, charting voyages and other expeditions of note. the empty spaces around the borders will include a plethora of details (possibly using the star chart i previously made) and other details pertinent to the world. though that's a while away...

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