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Thread: A Question of Scale

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    Question A Question of Scale

    I have a piece of terrain I've been working on, and I'm not certain what kind of scale I should give it. So, please take a look at this image and tell me how much territory do you think you're looking at?
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    Just at a glance I would say it looks about 40 miles x 40 miles. I may be biased though because I know where it comes from.

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    Probably a few hundred thousand light years across. Unless it's not a gas density field for a galactic jet.

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    I'd say 5-10 miles to a side - the end of a decent sized mountain or small range.

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    No more than a millimeter across, corner to corner, but I'd get it treated before it grows. It looks like that white bit is dying.



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    Alright, so since I'm getting serious answers anywhere from 5 to 40 miles across, I'm probably safe in calling it ten miles.

    Although once the suggestion that its a cosmological event got in my head, I'm having a hard time seeing something other than nebula in it. (I think, though, it's safe to say that I wouldn't describe a gas density field as "terrain.")

    Thanks for the input, everyone. The lack of a scale clue was deliberate; I didn't want to influence the evaluation with anything other than the mountain itself.
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    Post Honest answer with some effort :)

    The picture obviously highlights the center. My tendency is to treat the dark area as a big obscure element. I would determine the scale based on the size of the flat bit on the middle hill\mountain. Marked with an X on the map.

    What the scale is would depend on what we're looking at. I think the hills are really steep if we are looking at something beyond a dozen miles, but not impossible. How you draw trees etc would be a better indicator for scale. They could also cover up elements that look out of place at a large scale.

    The attached jpg has my thoughts.

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    Is that a Kermit the Frog hand puppet??
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