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    Wip WIP : Adara

    I stumbled upon this community while trying to figure out the best way to "create a map". The creations I have seen here are amazing. Kudo's to all of you. Anyhows. This is my first attempt at creating a "map". This is a "global area" map and each section will receive a separate detailed sub-map. I am not 100 % happy with it, but it will do for now. Not quite sure how/if I am going to add region borders. They look out of place I think. First things first though, fixing the rivers.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome to the Guild, here's the secret handshake.

    I like the general style. I might steal the glow outline for my current map, I've been thinking about spicing it up somehow.

    Any case, there's a thing called the River Constabulary here: their duty is to point out when rivers don't make sense. It's a simple thing to notice and fix, so don't mind when it happens.

    Like about now: your rivers are strange. A good rule of thumb is that river always flow towards a point, they gather and join together: you have a river that goes from one coast to another and then again to a third coast, through a mountain range in the middle. Good news is it's simple to fix that kind of kind by simply cutting the rivers in the middle so that you have three rivers now that all run to one coast.

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    Secret handshakes. Oh boy. You're right about the rivers. I don't mind that it gets pointed out. . I think I will just stick another mountain in the map, splitting the odd river. I just found the post about river creation and I will go over that post before I make any changes though.

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    Welcome to the Guild Kvasir, and what a lovely first map. I hope to see more of your work in the days ahead.


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