Many cartographers are challenged by rivers. This month we're making them the focus of the challenge. Create a map that focuses on a river system.

Remember the basic rules of rivers:
• They join as they run to the sea.
• Most bodies of water only have one outflow (lakes don't have two outgoing rivers heading off in different directions)
• Rivers must start in high terrain and go downhill - no rivers running from one sea to another over a continent.

It's your choice how you want to make a river the focus of this challenge - it can be a series of wetlands, a delta, a sequence of waterfalls, or a straightforward river map from source to ocean. If you decide to break the rules, make sure you explain why so that your rivers can be judged accordingly. Style and medium are entirely up to you.

Start any new entry thread with the title Feb/March Lite Challenge - <name of entry>. Add the tag ### Latest WIP ### in front of any thumbnail for your entries.

Good luck! The challenge will run until the 13th of March, when there will be a period of voting.