Project Scope:
Running a homebrew D&D game, my first real campaign, spanning a whole continent in my world. Been really hurting for desert city maps. I've messed with Dundjinni, and CC3, along with Autorealm (which I made my world map with, yuck) and I've realized I'm awful at making maps. Need some help if anyone is willing.

Southern Half of the continent sandy, hot arid, large inland fresh water sea...think Kesh from The Rift War Saga

Number of maps:
Three one large one, and 2 smaller one, all cities.

Design Concept:
Think Middle Eastern cities anywhere between the 9th - 15th century maybe Dark Sun.

The main city in the southern part of the continent, looks kinda like Tyr the main royalty lives in where that temple is, and the city surrounds them, the royalty is walled off from the rest of the city. This would be a large map,Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dwarven Stronghold.jpg 
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ID:	52365 sorta like this map that I'm using. It would have to be usable for battles. (BTW i have no clue who did this I found it on Google, and I just wanna say it kicks ass). I picture the city looking like the dwarven map actually, just more buildings, sand and less lava . I would like it to include some open toped buildings, an inn, temple, a broker's office/warehouse, and if it can fit i'd like a market and slave pen/sellers area of some sort that i can put tokens in. there's also a vast sewer system under the city, so sewer grates, and stairs down are a must. The palace can be visible, but I don't need it open, I just always used another map of the inside.

The other maps would be about this size Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	52366 one walled off. It's like a nice province, with slave market, inn and office, and an estate in the center of town, (that doesn't have to be open).
The other one will be a run down city, with a high population, basically full of escaped slaves, with access to the ocean. There is a heavy population of drow in this city. Think the underdark above ground with middle eastern inspired buildings.

I like the style of maps I attached. I think most are out of Dundjinni, so I would want to stay as close to that style as possible.

I'm using d20pro and need to be able to zoom in tight into these images, like 200 to 300dpi but honestly I have no clue, I just need to be able to zoom really close with out it bluing. Bogie did a map called DragonKill-Lair2_bg that is perfect in the style and in the way I can zoom on it.
Full color
You can have fun with the decor in.

Remains with cartographer. Do what ever you want with the maps.

My group is slow moving and the desert is towards the end game. They are been playing for a little under a year now and haven't left the first city.

I have no money, but you can have my eternal gratitude and, I can help write or write you, an adventure for you game, if you'd like.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you want to make the maps of have any questions, like me know.
Nathan C
Just put something about the maps in the subject