Hey there,

This is just a posting of intent where I thougt I'd lay out a few ideas of where I would like to go with this. Other than a quick sketch in a notebook I have nothing to show so far. I may try and take a photo of it to upload later as I haven't tried getting my crappy scanner to work for like... eight years? Not even sure where the leads are.

So anyway... this will be a hand-drawn, overhead map of a city. I'm thinking of fusing a kind of quasi-steampunk/medieval (steamserf?) type thing but I'm not sure how much of that will come across in the actual map. Really, I just want to do a nice steampunky border along the lines of my Bellows/Mechanol maps.
So, something has happened in this city - possibly to do with its nefarious overlord getting far too steampunky - and there has been a seismic event that has kinda chopped the city in two, allowing the sea to rush in and leave much of the place submerged. The overlord's castle/palace still partly stands, possibly the treasury is still there but is underwater and here is where the map comes in for those ingenious steampunky salvage guys with their nemo style submersible (won't be shown... just backstory).

So that's basically it.

I'm not expecting great things but hopefully I will get the time to actually produce something this time. The only other time I tried to enter a challenge I got no further than making a similar post to this one, although that one did at least have a rough sketch with it. :S