I would like to run a one night D&D game of the intro to Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for my wife. She loves Zelda games, and I thought this could be a great way to introduce her to D&D. What I need the most is the Castle courtyard and Interior. The size and scales don't need to be exact, just similar in feel and theme.

Style / Quality
I am looking for something with fairly high resolution textures (~100 dpi or better), I really like the Madness at Gardmore Abbey maps. But I don't expect anything so detailed, I don't need all the accents and touch ups. I am just after high quality base to play on, details pieces I could add myself. Basically an empty grass Castle courtyard in a similar high resolution semi realistic style is what I am after. The same goes for the interior, it can be sparse, all I am really in need of is a floor plan with appropriate graphics.

Time Constraints
I would like to be able to run this in a week or two. I know that is probably asking a lot, which is why I am hoping for just a basic layout and to fill in the details myself.

You can have full rights, all I want is a decent resolution copy I can save & tweak for a solo game with my wife.

Here are the 2 floors of the castle.

Here is the world map, you can zoom in to see the castle & courtyard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,