My name is Don. I'm 42 and live near Detroit, Michigan in the United States. I have previously made hand drawn (not impressive) maps for RPGs that I ran. It has been years since I ran a game and I when I decided to prep one, I thought I should step up and try to make a higher quality experience for my players this time. Well, that's going to start with maps. I'll be attempting a world map as well as break out maps for a couple of cities and villages plus various ruins. I expect this to take a while since I have just about zero knowledge of how to make a good map or use the tools required.

I have looked at Campaign Cartographer 2 (older version) that a friend owned and am not 100% sure I will get the result I am looking for using that tool (still assessing). I will probably be spending a ridiculous amount of time in the tutorials section. Suggestions and feedback are definitely welcome at all stages.

Thank you in advance for any help along the way.

-- Don