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    Help The World of Mirica

    Okay, so I've taken on a rather large pet project for my local D&D group and am making a world along with it's history and location specifics. I'm having a hard time finishing the map though because I've kind of run out of creative steam. I know there are some things that need fixing on it as far as terrain continuity goes since this is my first serious try at a world map, so I'm open to any and all suggestions and critiques (terrain additions/changes, names (I'd like some less generic names if I can help it), map/font style, history, etc.). Heck, if you want to illustrate your changes you'd make on the map, feel free to download it and work with it as you see fit. NOTE: The scale on the bottom left is off and should go to 1,000 instead of just 500 (the world is supposed to be twice as large as the scale alludes to). If you have any questions about any area, don't hesitate to ask. Heck, I'll even link the source document my friend and I are working on for this thing so you'll know what I know. Oh, I'm also going to be doing city maps, but that's for later.

    Mirica World Map (I linked to my deviantart page for it since the image is rather large and was unsure of how this site would handle it.)

    Mirica Source Document
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